The Revolutionary Garment District for Small Lines with Big Plans

The Revolutionary Garment District is the driving force of independent design, brand development & sales. Exactly what you need to "Make it" in Colorado!

Explore your opportunities to access:
- Design & Business Professionals
- Industry standard workroom for design development, patterns & markers, samples & small runs
- Private label manufacturing
- Brand development & messaging
- Sales & marketing
- Runway & trunk shows with wholesale events



In-house designers help you refine your product based on target markets, as well as provide creative guidance. In addition to design development, our Product Development team offers advice on streamlining your designs for maximum value and lowest production costs. We meet you where you need us from design conception through prototypes, patterns, samples and small batch production. In addition, resources are accessible through separate contracts to build your business. Everything you need to create a successful brand is here: entity formation and accounting brand development, messaging and management graphic design for logos, collateral and fabrics photography and videography website creation, SEO, marketing and sales plans headquarters in the fastest growing art district in Denver


Our Pattern Makers use both traditional paper drafting methods, as well as software for all of your pattern-making, grading and mark needs.


Do you have time or knowledge to source everything on your own? Our experienced team is capable of sourcing everything needed to bring your idea to life. Or you are always welcome to source your own materials. Only requirement is that we order your thread to meet our quality standards and machine requirements. We'll ask to evaluate your self-sourced fabrics to meet our standards for production. Talk to us about what arrangements for materials work best for your time and experience.


Patterns come with one finished "sew by" sample upon completion of the development and prototyping process. Two samples are recommended so you have one to keep and the "sew by" goes to the manufacturer. Production runs start with a pre-production sample to validate outside pattern development. All small batch manufacturing begins with a size run to verify designer expectations. And yes, we sew samples, one ofs or sales samples, for clients who already have their patterns.


Our pre-production technical services along with sourcing contracts prepare you for production here or abroad.


Small-batch production for your line, from 5 to 50 units, with rapid turn-around to get your product to market based on our team's availability. We'll refer you to outside manufacturers when you need them.