Custom thermoforming and packaging solutions

With a $5,000 loan in 1974, Donald Bond founded Flexpak Corporation, a leading Arizona packaging company, on the principles of honesty, fairness, reason, and the continuing commitment to doing the right thing. Mr. Bond continues to lead Flexpak today as Chairman of the Board. Through 37 years of consistent ownership and direction, the evolution from a start-up company during one of AmericaÍs most severe economic recessions into a world class, custom thermoforming and contract packaging company supplying solutions to Fortune 500 companies is an American success story of which we are justifiably proud.


To produce products at a rapid rate and drive your cost down, you might have to invest in machinery that is customized to your design; that is "tooling". This machinery will vary depending on the product, but can range from plastic molds to custom branding stamps, and so on.


"Production run" means making a lot of one product at once. The factories listed under "production" can produce small and/or large quantities. The minimum order for a production run can vary from factory to factory (some have no minimum, some require a dozen, and some require up to 1,000 to be made at once)