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Custom Four Color Process Keychain

The Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl had difficult artwork..too intricate for 2 and 3D molding. So we suggested to our customer that they use our four color keychain process instead. They loved the look and the custom shape and we shipped 5,000 units in one

Flexsystems created the four color process for customers with difficult artwork, computer generated artwork as well as tiny detail.Until we developed this new manufacturing process, the customer's art was simplfied, enlarged and edited. Not great options for them.
Our custom pvc labels as well as our custom rubber patches are very popular for not just sew on labels. We can use the mold to make keychains, magnets, hang tags and stickers.
Velcro patches or morale badges have become very popular. We are the only company to make the custom hook and loop pvc patches in the USA.