Vertically integrated manufacturer of fabric and foam products

Foam Labs, Inc. has been specializing in product design, private label manufacturing, sales, marketing and distribution since 2002. Located in a 140,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility just outside of Atlanta, GA, we can product 10 units or 10,000. We have Lectra and Fecken Kirfel CAD controlled cutting equipment, two ETON production lines and a highly trained team of 70 sewers. We can take your product from concept to production in less than two weeks.

Foam Labs works with companies in industries ranging from orthopedic pillows to high-end home décor. Interested in working with Foam Labs? Tell us about your needs.


We have in-house product designers


We stock over $250,000 in raw material components


Our product design team can create prototypes for you.


Our production team can put your product into pilot production


Yes, we have two ETON unit production systems and over 25 off-line sewers and we produce 100's of units every day of the year.