If it is not illegal or immoral and we can make a profit, we can manufacture it!

Retired USMC Master Gunsmith/Machinist/Welder, Complete Custom Gunsmith Shop, specializing in military, law enforcement, target/long range precision firearms. Milling Machines, Precision Engine Lathes, CNC 4 axis Milling Machine, Solid Works (Computer Aided Design), Feature Cam (Computer Aided Manufacturing). Custom and Military Spec AR15 and AR10 Rifles/Carbines/Pistols. Custom Bolt Action Rifles, and 1911 style pistols, all firearms meet or exceed military specifications and all parts are custom hand fit to the tightest of tolerances. Cababilities also include Blueing/Black Oxide steel and stainless steel, Parkerizing, Anodizing, Teflon Coating, wooden stock duplicator. All US citizens manufacturing US Made products, quality, reliability, accuracy, are not... (more)


If you can dream it, draw it, we can design and manufacture it


If you have the dimensions or rough drawing , then we can make a CAD CAM drawing and price quote for manufacture


check our web site for all parts and accessories


manual or CNC machining


Yes, all in house fabrication


Yes, CNC machines available