Globally submitted artwork, organic cotton, water-based inks, microcredit funding, fresh unique clothing. Printed by hand in the USA.

In 2008 when The Global Thread Collective (GTC) first went to print, America was going through an economic rough patch that affected the entire world. We wanted to do our part in creating and contributing another resource that would not only benefit the U.S., but would reach across the globe.

We created a website that features artwork submitted from artists around the world, manually printed on different cuts of apparel. The Global Thread Collective is committed in keeping as much manufacturing and 100% of the production in the U.S.A. The clothing blanks are exclusively from American Apparel and Anvil Organics. GTCʼs... (more)

Equipment & Machinery:


Concept review


Artistic Direction


Clothing and misc marketing materials


For large jobs we will make samples at an appropriate fee for client approval before main production run.


Computer consultation, packaging, presentation