Custom Metal Manufacturing. Displays, Furniture, Artistic & Architectural Elements. Since 1976.

Designs in Wire, Sheetmetal and Tubing. Located in Los Angeles,

Hamrock, Inc. is dedicated to the creative possibilities of metal product fabrication and services a wide variety of markets, from industrial and retail environments to hospitality and boutique applications.

Our extensive list of in-house capabilities enables our Project Managers to guide each job through from prototype development to order fulfillment, all while maintaining competitive pricing and superior quality over our domestic and international competitors.


Hamrock's Engineering Dept. has years of facilitating client design and fabrication goals, ushering product concepts from napkin sketches to finished pieces.


Hamrock supplies the materials for any ongoing projects through our network of trusted vendors in steel, stainless or aluminum. Our client's projects also routinely incorporate mixed media into the overall design, and we have extensive experience in working with acrylic, wood, plastics, glass and other assorted finishing materials.


Hamrock, Inc. features a full Prototyping and Engineering department manned by Veteran Fabricators and our Senior Engineering staff.


Custom tooling and jigging is a must for any production run to ensure workflow efficiency and end-product fitment. When feasible and within budget, custom tooling/jigging is standard here at Hamrock.


Hamrock Inc. has years of experience in fabricating large-scale, long term production runs covering a wide range of metal products, from the retail, industrial, and display worlds, to light architectural and hospitality furniture/fixture industries. Our Powdercoating Department rounds out our extensive in-house capabilities allowing us to coat our client's pieces in a range of durable and attractive finishes, while our Assembly/Shipping Department makes us a truly turn-key operation.