Revvv'd up jewelry

Hi Octane Jewelry are the originators of car grille rings. Hi Octane Jewelry is a full service silversmith and casting service. We offer services including custom designed jewelry, lost wax casting in White Bronze, Yellow Bronze, Sterling Silver and Gold.
We also offer:
Silver Smithing,
3D CAD jewelry services
Vulcanized rubber molds
RTV molds


Hi Octane Jewelry is well versed in the creative process we have the ability to utilizing sketches, or Adobe Illustrator or 3D Rhino to work with you in the Ideation process.


We can create wax samples of jewelry designs.


We can produce various types of molds for reproducing items. We have vacuum casting and centrifugal casting capabilities. So we can create jewelry or metal designs in aluminum, white bronze, yellow bronze, sterling silver or gold.