We Make Awesome!

Private label brand and manufacturer specializing in graphic leather goods and classic leather goods; belts, guitar straps, camera straps, belts, dog collars.


You tell us your vision. We tell you how that fits within our capabilities. If both are harmonious we make stuff.


We can help you refine the design to work with our manufacturing process but we do expect you to have a good sense of measurements, placement and layout.


Leather is expensive. We can help you source within our current stock to keep pricing down, but if you are looking for leather outside of our range you will have to provide samples and materials.


We can help you with some hand-cut samples to finalize the design process. For final production runs you will have to invest in leather dies (cutting tools) in the shapes of each of the components of your project. Leather is an unforgiving medium and for accuracy tools need to be made for production runs.


We help with finalizing tooling as it is essential that it work with our machinery and processes.


Once tooling is done mass production is easy and can help bring the cost down.