Manufacturer of Apparel

Julie Hutton, Inc. manufactures women's, men's, and children’s apparel in our New York and overseas factories.

What sets us apart is our ability to provide clients with all of the many disciplines involved in taking a garment from initial concept through final production. We literally can “do it all.”

“Personal Label,” our most exciting and unique program, targets the needs of the aspiring designer. If you dream of designing and producing your own line, or just a single garment, Personal Label is for you.


We have many years of experience in all areas of apparel design and manufacturing. There is literally nothing in the apparel arena that we do not have experience either designing or manufacturing.


We have 2 of the top patternmakers in New York working with us and our clients.


Our factory produces the samples, and our patternmakers also make them as well so we have more than sufficient expertise in sample-making.


Since we are a hands-on manufacturing company, we are experienced in all facets of the pre-production process.


Our group of factories can manufacture from 25 pieces to 5,000 pieces. The size of the product order dictates which factory the product is placed with.