INDUSTRY SPECIALIST: Apparel Manufacturing Consultant

With over 8 years in the industry running her own apparel business, Kirstyn is adept at sourcing, product development, production, & design in wovens and knits. She has worked with brands small and large alike, and has experience shipping direct to consumers as well as large retailers such as Marshall's and Anthropologie. Having started a business from scratch, she also understands what it takes to launch a successful collection; problem solving is her forte. Kirstyn is also great at building infrastructure within an apparel business from the get go - creating inventory & sales reports, style sheets,... (more)


Industry Specialists are for those brands and designers who are looking for more hands-on guidance and assistance through the product development and production process. Industry Specialists are industry veterans with years of experience sourcing and producing for their own brands. They can help with: - Ideation - Product development - Budgeting - Business plans - Project management and organization - Finding the right supplier and/or manufacturing partner - Marketing and sales advice