Specializing in Samples, Sourcing, and Manufacturing for Handbags and Accessories

We have been sampling and manufacturing handbags, briefcases, and small leather goods proudly in the USA since 1983! We offer guidance to new brands and are a great sampling and manufacturing partner for new and well established companies. We create custom pattern sets, samples, one off duplications, as well as small and large production runs. We offer consulting services for design and product development needs. We also specialize in sourcing leather, canvas, lining, as well as market and custom hardware. Our name may be deceiving, but we are skilled working with a variety of fabrics as well. We look... (more)


We happily use our experience and expertise to help you perfect the design and functionality of your handbags. If you need further assistance, we offer consulting services for your design and product development needs.


We make custom pattern sets based on your design in house. We have a skilled team of patternmakers that do everything from scratch.


We have a variety of materials and hardware in house that clients are welcome to purchase directly from us. If we do not have what you are looking for, we work with a network of vendors globally and have many sourcing contacts. We can source a variety of leathers and fabrics as well as develop custom hardware for you.


We create custom samples in house with our talented samplemakers. All initial samples are hand cut and we pay attention to each detail. Our sample pricing includes all the labor it takes to cut, sew, and assemble your initial prototype.


After the client approves the initial sample and if they would like to go into production, we make the die moulde set so the production can be cut in bulk on our clicker machine. We also make the mouldes and toolings for custom hot stamps and custom hardware to further our client's branding. We make sure that you are prepared for production.


We welcome and accommodate one off duplication's, small quantity production runs, and large quantity production runs. Our production pricing depends on the quantity and per style per color breakdown of your order.