Custom and contract screen printing

Hi there!
Liberty Screen Print Co Llc. is a full service screen printing company with a full art dept.
Owned by Monica Sumner and Holly Sumner, Liberty is a certified LGBT owned business with 40 years experience between the owners.
Most of our printing is still done by hand as we are more of a boutique printery when it comes to shorter runs (under 500 pcs). For larger runs we do utilize automatic printing. Our emphasis is on high quality printing with reasonable rates.
Feel free to reach out to us at any time.


We get approached with concepts frequently. Our background is in high volume commercial screen printing, and embroidery, so often we are able to see production problems right from the start. Having that ability has helped us save our clients money and time.


We carry all major brands of blank garments and we have worked with major mills to create custom apparel and bags for our clients.


Sampling is an everyday part of our business. If you have a design that you are not quite sure is perfect, we are happy to help. If after you receive the sample, you are ready to place your order, there is no charge. If you just need a sample or one-off, please contact us for pricing.


Now this is where our decades of experience come in handy. Sometimes, you want to print on an object but someone tells you it can't be done..ask us!! We have printed not only on garments and fashion accessories but on glass, furniture and even on walls. We have built jigs to be able to print on things other companies said couldn't be done. Approaching us early in the design stage can really help save you time and money because we are uniquely qualified to help you avoid any production issues. This is especially true with embroidery and screen printing on awkward items or in unique locations.


Whether you need 1 print or 1 million, we can handle your production needs. We have a "whatever it takes" philosophy and the experience to pull off your job.