Chemicals, Plastics, Textiles

Lucas Products manufactures:

Plastic products including Super Sunnies tanning goggles.

Cleaning Chemicals and disinfectants including Lucasol disinfectant and Lucas Salon and Spa cleaning products.

Lucas Products manufactures adhesives and textile patches for the industrial Laundry industry including Patchit, Patchit fire retardant, Fabriloc, and Fabriloc II

Along with our brands we formulate and private label cleaning products for customers, injection mold plastic products to customer specification, and develop new patches for custom applications.


If you have an idea we can help refine it and get it to the manufacturing stage so you can bring it to market.


With 3d printing capabilites we can help create a sample for you before the manufacturing process starts.


We work with plastics, liquids, chemicals, adhesives and textiles with the ability to help you create the product you wish to market.


We can create 3d printed samples of products as well as live samples of adhesives, cleaners, chemicals, and textile based products.


We have access to wonderful engineers that can design the dies to make your molded products.


We can produce products at any rate and size.