We are a full package company and sewing factory based in Los Angeles.

We are a full package company and sewing factory based in Los Angeles.
Established in 2015, M.W.K Pattern Making inc. supplies quality garments to progressive men's and women's fashion brands and aims at providing maximum value added. We cater to big and small brands and can provide full package production or individual services at any step along the way.

All of our manufacturing is done in LA and our core groups of competence are jersey knits, French terry/ Fleece and denim. Our services include consulting, product development (fabric & trim sourcing, pattern making, samples..), production, dyeing & washing, screen and... (more)


In addition to our sewing factory and full package company, M.W.K Pattern Making inc. offers consulting sessions, assisting existing brands and startups in their product development and production process. We have the expertise to guide you through manufacturing your garments and work with you every step of the way by souring fabric, developing samples, pre-production and production.


We have a pattern maker in house. We make pattern as well as marking and grading.


We have the ability to source fabric for our clients.


We develop and make samples.


We are a sewing factory as well as a full package company so we have the ability to handle development, pre-production and production.


We work with a lot of different clients and we have the capacity to do both small and large productions. From our experience and expertise in the garment industry, we assure the methodical follow-up of your production in Los Angeles.