Textile Weaving Company

Maine Heritage Weavers is a family-owned and -operated textile company that is proud to continue the weaving tradition of the historic Bates Manufacturing Company (est.1850).

Founded by former Bates President (Fred Lebel) and his daughter (Linda Cloutier), this team of former Bates craftsmen and women use the same equipment to weave superior quality woven bedspreads, blankets and accessories for the home as taught to them by their parents and grandparents.

In addition to the iconic Bates Collection, Maine Heritage Weavers also specializes in custom and private label weaving.


We can assist in helping to design your textiles and finished products.


We can provide cotton yarn as a base material and are happy to help source custom yarn should you want to work with a different material. That being said, using our stock yarn does help to keep minimums low and can be a great way to make a low cost sample to begin fine tuning your product.


Yes, we can create samples.


Yes, we can mass product products.