Handmade, custom jewelry and sample making services

I am a trained jewelry professional with over 12 years in the fashion and fine jewelry industries where I have worked as a Bench Jeweler, Sample and Model Maker and Production Manager in New York and Los Angeles. In addition to creating custom jewelry, I also offer services various trades, such as model and sample making services to the jewelry, accessory and home goods industries. I would love to help you bring your ideas to fruition in any stage of development.

Pictured here are some of the pieces I make for my own collection AUGUSTE. I have... (more)


I can take an idea from any stage of development and bring it to fruition. No technical or design skills necessary.


I will give you a technical rendering of the design prior to its creation, if one is not provided.


I can provide all model making materials. If you would like me to bring the sample making process through to the gold or silver sample, casting costs may have to be settled prior to final casting.


depending on what will be most successful each particular design, I will either carve and/or fabricate the model in various types of wax to be cast or I will fabricate the model or master strait from metal stock. It all depends on what is most successful for the design.


I will assist in any function that will prepare the master or sample for successful reproduction.


I do one of a kind work, sample making and bench work. I do not mass produce. It is my firm belief that samples and one of a kind work should be done outside of a mass production environment. This ensures the highest standard of quality from the inception of each piece and gives the factory or production house the highest standards to work from. I will happily pass on any mass production to factories and production houses that feel turn out the best work and accommodate those introductions.