We manufacture a wide variety of Heat Treat Furnaces, Melting Furnaces, Foundry Furnaces, Foundry Sand Mullers, Foundry Sand Mixers and Foundry Accessories such as Tongs, Shanks, Pyrometers, Skimmers, etc.

MIFCO was started in 1938 as a supplier of foundry equipment to the vocational field. Early features that set apart from competitors were the attention to safety and the ability to get quick melts.

All MIFCO gas-fired crucible melters come equipped with an Ultra-Violet Flame Safeguard System and high temperature refractory brick or Ceramic Fiber linings. Modern temperature control features have also been incorporated on many models. With melt capacities ranging from ounces to thousands of pounds, MIFCO has become a leading manufacturer of crucible melting equipment.

MIFCO also manufactures a complete line of safety crucible handling equipment, sand mullers... (more)


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