Touch the West

Full-service custom fiber processing. Raw fiber processing, custom blending using natural (wool, alpaca, etc) fibers as well as Tencel, Bamboo Viscose, Silk, Nylon and other fibers. Artisan dying in-house. Ability to process natural fiber colors. Worsted and semi-worsted spinning capabilities. Low production minimums and capabilities scalable to full-production volumes. One-stop shop for raw fiber to finished yarn! Custom is our specialty.


Custom is our specialty. We can assist with determining the best fiber blend to achieve the end product desired.


We stock a variety of raw fibers (numerous types of wool, alpaca, Tencel, bamboo viscose, silk, nylon). We process these fibers into unique blends of yarn.


We have many methods for creating yarn samples for prototype development. We also stock a wide variety of yarns that can be used for sampling of full-production.


We have a variety of down-stream production affiliates who can assist in knitting and weaving and we can connect you with these affiliates.


1 lb or 10,000 lbs of yarn and everything in-between. Larger volumes are also possible.