sewing factory, pattern making, sample making, apparel manufacturer

Welcome! We are an apparel manufacturer company. Our services are pattern/muslin/sample/production.


If you have an idea/concept on your mind, we can help you how to bring it to an actual garment. We do consulting for finishing details, construction, sewing instruction, and more.


Pattern-making is the primary preparation for creating a cut-and-sew woven garment. We create pattern and muslin as our client request. After we develop the first pattern, we make a sample with muslin and see if it’s perfectly fit to a model or a form. We correct the first pattern after fitting based on what our customers desire.


After finalizing pattern, we will make an actual sample with fabric/trims our client willing to use. Sample might used for showroom/show and also will be a reference when we process the production.


Our minimum production is 50 units per style, but we do accept lower quantity. We do not consider less than 10 units as a production, but duplicate samples. Accordingly to the cutting ticket, we will confirm if we received all raw materials we need before we start the process, and production will be processed with quick turn around lead time with high quality. We do after care if there is any issues with production.