Local Love in Every Stitch

"Builds communites and helps hometown America by empowering women to care for their families while doing what they love to do, sew!"

We have an amazing network of in-home sewers that works to produce our products and those of our clients. We are driven by a single mission to help empower women to be financially secure and to take pride in the skills as seamstresses. Our Production Staff ensures that all of our products are produced with the highest quality in mind. Every stitch is important to our ladies.

We prefer products that are easily produced with sergers and industrial... (more)


Olive Loom has more than 80 years of sewing experience on staff to aid in product development. We specialize in helping companies/designers scale up or grow. Our services are for emerging designers, small businesses to startups. Whether its launching a line/product or troubleshooting a pattern Olive Loom is there for you. Our services include planning, consultation, pattern development, samples, and small to medium size runs.


Our core team takes pride in their ability to engineer patterns and streamline the patterns making them easier to put together. Our goal is to ensure you get the exact pattern you are looking for to the precise specifications. All patterns come with a spec sheet. We have the ability to create many different designs.


We will work with you to produce a final product that meets with your expectations and vision. We will make samples/prototypes to ensure you are getting what you want.


Olive Loom’s production team is highly-skilled seamstresses, Loomineers, from our in-house training program taught by our nationally recognized sewing instructor. We specialize in small runs (5-50 pieces) that allows for unknown production kinks to show themselves. We do requirements on production & manufacturing depending on item. Producing with us, not only do you get a great fully thought through product, you also get the pride and confidence knowing that you are empowering Loomineers.