Omnitool is a precision manufacturer specializing in thermoform tooling, tooling repair and maintenance, and thermoform product design.

Omnitool designs and manufactures world class thermoform tooling, match metal trim dies and pre-punch tooling as well as blow mold and injection mold tooling. Whether we start from a napkin sketch, a product sample or CAD data, our Engineering Department will work with your requirements to ensure your tooling is delivered on time and on budget. We also provide full design services to develop thermoformed products and packaging.


Idea Generation Concept sketches, solid models, duct tape; nothing is off the table here. Our goal is to solve problems and communicate to our customers in the most effective manner. Digital Prototyping Digital Prototyping Once we agree upon a direction we can will refine the design and provide photo realistic renderings that are helpful to secure buyoff from customers as part of a quoting package. They can also be used for product literature and brochures. Design Documentation Design Documentation Omnitool provides full documentation of completed designs, including all hand sketches, alias models, pro-engineer solid models, 3D printed rapid prototype tools, and any relevant software files- such as SolidWorks, ProEngineer, or Autocad - to assure your investment is documented


Prototype Thermoform Tooling We can build prototype tooling from customer drawings or create a unique design based on customer requirements. We put our experience to work to properly evaluate each prototype project for design optimization and manufacturability. We move quickly to design and build prototype tooling with delivery times as short as 1-2 weeks. Our prototype cavities can also be installed in existing production tools with the same trim to test real world performance. Rapid Prototype Thermoform Tooling Rapid Prototype Thermoform Tooling We design and manufacture rapid thermoform tooling so you can get part samples within days after design approval. Product Sampling Product Sampling Sample parts can be invaluable for testing a product’s merit and manufacturability prior to investing in a machined prototype cavity and as a visual aid for supporting your selling efforts with prospects/customers. We can form parts from rapid tooling, prototype tooling or production cavities. We provide sampling runs as small as 12 or as many as you need. We can mold samples using most resins in solid sheet as well as foam.


Thermoform Mold Tooling Omnitool designs and builds form tools for a wide range resins in solid sheet or foam. We design and cut complex cavity shapes using the latest five-axis technology and have built hundreds of tools integrating quick-change tooling architecture that enables our customers to cost-effectively form various products within a product family. We also have extensive experience in third-motion tooling mechanics for forming deep draw parts. Match Metal Trim Tooling Match Metal Trim Tooling We design and manufacture vertical and horizontal match metal trim dies to trim any resin in solid sheet or foam. We build single piece and component trim tooling with tight-tolerance punch and die clearance (see table below for clearance information). We also offer guidance for proper trim die handling/loading. Pre-punch Trim Tooling Pre-punch Trim Tooling We design and build both integrated and separate station pre-punch tooling to deliver near flawless side-venting on surfaces that are difficult to trim. We also design and build pin venting stations. Blow Mold Tooling Blow Mold Tooling Omnitool builds Tooling for the blow mold industry. Our extensive work in the engineering and manufacturing of aluminum tooling gives us a leg up when creating blow molds. We have created molds with in mold punches that eliminate costly secondary operations. Injection Mold Tooling Injection Mold Tooling We don’t do that many of them but the tools we have made have been beautiful and have received rave reviews by the companies that run them.