Leader of the lenticular printing industry

OptigraphicsÕ advanced, interlacing expertise and state-of-the-art printing capabilities allow us to offer turnkey production services on a wide range of lenticular products.

Optigraphics has dominated the lenticular printing industry since its creation. We lead the way in three-dimensional printing and we have earned a stellar reputation for innovation and technical leadership. Optigraphics sets the standard for dimensional and special effects imaging and printing.

OptigraphicsÕ wide range of lenticular technologies includes Opti-Multiphase, Opti-Morph, Opti-Zoom, Opti-2 Phase and Opti-3D. Our high-volume and low-cost manufacturing process allows us to deliver high-quantity and high-quality orders in a timely manner.

The full-service printing services pioneered by Optigraphics include... (more)