Custom Mannequins and Fixtures for Retail and Apparel

Founded in 1987, PATINA-V creates and manufactures in Los Angeles high end fashion mannequins, forms, fixtures and furniture.
PATINA-V has all in house skills to do large production runs to small quantities in short lead-times and also create custom items for large projects.
The PATINA-V team masters sculpting, molding, PU manufacturing, Fiberglass, Wood, Metal and chrome and serves the most prestigious customers in the World.
By serving every type of retailer from specialty stores to department stores, to clothing manufacturers to interior design firms who all demand innovation, style and custom design, PATINA-V covers the whole range of creation to logistics.
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custom creation alongside the customer


one week creation of samples, from sculpting to creation.


Patina-V has in house tooling creation team


Capacity is 4000 mannequins a month