One-stop product development service to the cut & sew apparel industry

We are a professional product development service for the apparel and non-apparel sewn goods industry. Unlike other services available to our industry, we provide COMPLETE design and technical services. Our broad range extends from concept to storyboards, first patterns to production ready markers, and original samples to small production lots. Our business is to furnish you the entire package. However, if you ask us to do only a small portion of your program, we will ask the appropriate questions to ensure our portion will fit into your total picture. Our thorough, interactive approach will prevent you costly mistakes, which can... (more)


Our mission is to help our clients take their 2-dimensional ideas and turn them into 3-dimensional realities. This progression is a form of art. Art is relative. Anytime one person has a vision, the process of translating it to another person can be difficult. Our task is to understand you, interpret your concept, and ultimately dawn your design. It is a creative challenge. Our goal is to perform this procedure with efficiency. Our commitment is to quality and customer service.


We have pattern makers with thirty plus years of experience helping designers dawn their design. We can start with sketches, reference samples, or tech packs. We have complete CAD capabilities, and can provide digital files, pattern plots, and markers and print oak tag patterns.


We can provide many common notions & supplies such as size tabs, care labels, elastic, interfacing, buttons, zippers, etc. We can provide leads and sources for fabric, but the designer must make the selections and purchases.


We can create any type of sample you need such as prototype, muslin, fit, first, sales, etc. We will also advise you on the ease of construction and ways that the pattern, fabric usage, and final product may be improved relative to your specs and price point.


We get you production-ready in our development shop,create your markers and specs, and then can bring you all the way through to your production run right in our facility. A one-stop shop!