Handmade Parchment and Leather with a 500 Year History

White Calf

The calf contains a standard unfinished surface for interior and furniture applications. Calfskins sometimes exhibit surface veining and often lack a discernible grain, they are thin but tough and flexible, the average size is 5–7 square feet.

White hides will have little to no variation. Skins usually yield 15" across the spine by 20" down for 4-6 sf. skins, 20"x24" for 6-7 sf. skins, 24"x26" for 7-8 sf. skins, 24"x30" for 8-9 sf. skins, 26"x32" for 9-10 sf. skins, and 28"x34" for 10-11 sf. skins.