Applying state of the art manufacturing technology to the protoype industry.

Industry leader in short run production and prototype services. We do everything from laser cutting and welding to assembly and shipping. We have engineers on staff to help with the design stage of any type of project, idea or concept. CMM Inspections are done on site throughout the life cycle of all projects to ensure the highest quality standards on all deliverables. Boasting ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 certifications, quality is not just a component of what we do, it IS what we do.


Engineers on staff to help with design and development of concepts and ideas. Our company also holds several patents on proprietary designs.


When it comes to design and engineering, Quasar has you covered with the latest software solutions from Delcam, Dassault, Cenit, Autodesk, and ESI Group, including Powershape, Powermill, Catia, FastTrim, and Autocad. Utilizing our artillery of CAD/CAM systems, we can import your CAD model from various software formats. From there, our in-house design engineers have the knowledge and expertise to produce designs and drawings necessary for tooling, fixtures and/or manufacturing.


Highly skilled and experienced machinists can produce most tools through subtractive manufacturing methods.