Supporting The World's Finest Jewelry Brands

Contract jewelry manufacturer that offers design, modeling, rapid prototyping, casting, finishing, epoxy and assembly all under one roof. Our 30,000 square foot facility near Providence, Rhode Island enables prototyping and production capabilities whether your a small regional designer or a multi-national brand.


Our design staff will work with your sketches and drawings to translate the concept into a producible product.


Our rapid prototyping capabilities allow us to translate a CAD design into a physical model withing days.


Through the latest rapid prototyping technology and on-site manufacturing, our design development team is able to produce samples of your piece right in our factory.


Our in-house tool room and experienced tool makers make short work of designing and producing the necessary tooling for your project.


Our state of the art facility allows us to produce cast, die struck, assembled, enameled, lasered, finished and cnc cut items right in our own facility. With production capabilities ranging from one hundred pieces to 100,000 pieces and beyond, our scalable resources make one-stop American manufacturing easier than ever.