Reclaim. Redesign. Rebuild

We provide reclaimed wood, salvaged tree slabs, reclaimed or custom fabricated metal, as well as wood and metal furniture, fixtures, and decor.


We consult with our clients to help optimize function, form, durability, finish, and manufacturing process to improve product, reduce cost, and optimize margin.


We utilize 3D drafting tools for product design and provide 3D images for product review. We also provide 3D renderings of spaces and finishings, and can place the 3D image of the final product within those spaces.


We maintain an inventory and source and sell metal and wood (either newly milled, reclaimed or salvaged).


Yes, we can provide raw samples, finish samples and prototypes.


We retool base on production requirements at our own site.


We produce small batches of under 50 pieces for most furniture with the ability to scale up through our local partnerships. We have the ability to produce large batches of surface material including wall treatments, flooring, and table/countertops.