Urban Harvested Lumber & Furniture

We are New York City's only sawmill, and doing that title justice with our Lucas mill capable of milling just about any size log that NYC can produce. All of our material is from NYC storm damaged trees.

We produce live edge slabs almost exclusively because we feel this type of material does the most justice to telling the story of a tree that lived its life in NYC. Live edge slabs maintain so much of the character or the tree and tell its story through the tightness of its grain, the shape of the board and the live edge... (more)


Our clients often come to us with an idea of what style and materials they'd like to use, but not a fully realized plan. Decades of experience allow us to easily help narrow down material and style selections and then fine tune design until the client has exactly what they imagined.


We can produce 2D and 3D models of our custom designed furniture.


We produce hardwood live edge slabs and dimensional lumber from NYC trees that come down to do storm damage and urban development.


When a client needs to be sure of an exact shade or wants to compare colors and texture at their location, we can create an assortment of samples.


These factories will mass produce your designs.