Where Makers Matter

We provide private label production of caps/hats and leather goods with low minimums. Production orders are handled in small batches by individual makers to create a high quality product that both the maker and designer will be proud of.


We can take a design or idea into patterning, sampling and then production all in house. We have relationships with fabric and hardware sources which allows us to do full product development.


We can draft new, or modify, patterns and then sample to achieve the desired effect.


We are not vendors but we can provide a large variety of materials, including leather, from sources we have excellent relationships with.


We sample from our stock silhouettes or from custom patterns that we have created for clients or that were provided to us. This is a necessary step for us to move into production.


We regularly have cutting dies, embossing stamps or any other tooling made for our clients to prep for production.


Our production orders are broken up into small batches and handled by individual makers rather than on an assembly line or mass production. This creates accountability and integrity for the completed project. Quality and innovation are benefits of this approach to production for us and our clients. Approved samples are necessary for us to move forward with production.