Unique & Custom Leather Manufacturing & Services

River City Manufacturing is a platform to allow you, the individual or company, to see your idea come to life.

We provide an atmosphere that allows us to have a close relationship with our clients, no matter how big or small. Whether you have a product already designed or are in the beginning stages of a project, we can help further you into production. Our multi-talented team is able to draft the technical drawings needed for clicker and logo dies. All raw material sourcing is done in house, giving us the ability to provide you the right materials... (more)


We can take your idea, however basic or complex, and develop it into a functional and desirable product.


Once your idea has been refined, we create a technical drawing ready for the sample making process.


Sourcing hardware, leathers and materials are all a part of our manufacturing process. In some cases, clients provide their own materials.


Samples are a must when creating a product and advancing into full production.


Once the technical drawings have been refined and approved through the sample process we can source logos and dies to meet any budget.


From small to large batches, we can produce your leather goods and schedule to meet your deadlines.