Magnetic Snaps with the Difference You Can See

Romag® patented designs are the most advanced on the market today. Our magnetic snaps are manufactured in Europe, Asia, and the U.S. Wherever you manufacture, just buy Romag® magnetic snaps from the nearest authorized distributor and put them right to use”" no need for stickers or royalty licenses. Romag® continues to broaden its marketing appeal as we develop new styles and strengths of magnetic closures.

If your company has a specialized application for Romag® magnetic snaps, we are happy to accommodate your specific needs. The Romag® engineers are continuously working on new products and design modifications including custom logos and finishes.

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We are designers and engineers. We can return 3D model within 48 hours.


We sell finished products


We can help with design issues and create samples thru 3D printing.


We create tooling and take care of production preparation.


We produce catalog items. We also do custom production to demand. Custom products are quoted on an individual basis.