The Sales & Marketing Expert. I Take Designers & Brands from Samples to Sales.

Need help with brand development, sales, marketing or merchandising?

Get the sales support you need to grow your brand! I'll help you with brand development, sales, marketing or merchandising so that you can SELL the product you've worked so hard to make.

I work with brands on a budget to those with capital injections to define strategy for launch and growth. My clients are visionaries and CEO's launching new products, new brands and entering into new markets across ecommerce, wholesale, pop up shops and mobile.

I run a global consulting firm, so my clients are in Dubai, Egypt, Bali,... (more)


Before you start designing you should know your competitive matrix, price point and brand vision. If you don't define the foundation you will design without direction. This will lead to mismanagement of funds! Process: 1. Foundation: Assess brand direction, competitors, goals of the business 2. Build: Get the right partners on board and create strategic plans 3. Launch: Seed the market with your product, get Press to talk about you and build your visibility.