Sew Tec is a detail oriented patternmaking and sample shop that has been in business since 1990 .

Sew Tec is a detail oriented patternmaking and sample shop that has been in business since 1990.

We specialize in :

Design consultation
Precision patternmaking
Prototype creation
High quality sample production , for clothing , soft toy designers , and fiber artists.
Design assistance and precision sewing services for technical specialty fabrics , outdoor equipment , and high performance small boat sails.


Often clients come to us with a concept that is obviously, potentially marketable, but has not been prepared for the production process. The difference between a good idea and one that can be efficiently and economically produced is sometimes quite large, and this is where we come in - to help take an idea or design to the point where it can be realistically manufactured .


Yes, we have been in the pattern making business since 1990 and we have wide experience with sewn projects and products of all kinds, including: garment, fashion accessories, soft toys, technical clothing, outdoor / sports gear, awnings, canvas and tent work, and small boat sails.


In some cases, when requested, we source and provide materials, but often the actual purchasing of the materials is left to the customer after discussion and full understanding of the projects requirements. We find that involving the customer in this aspect , the sourcing and purchasing, helps them to understand their product and be better equipped to deal intelligently with manufacturers in the future.


We have an excellent reputation in this business for the high quality of our samples. Experience has shown us, that quality samples, exact to the pattern are vital in order to avoid " surprises" in later production runs. As well as the obvious importance of samples for checking, and proving out any pattern, accurate samples will often verify ( or not) the choice of materials used in the project. In a nut shell, samples ( and often multiple samples ) are crucial for getting a project launched.


Other than patterns, we don't normally provide tooling for a manufacturer. But we will always provide detailed specifications, and instructions needed for production, usually in the form of a " Tech-Pack " . This CAN also include direction for any specific tooling we feel might be necessary.