Sewn Goods is a pattern service and development house offering apparel and sewn product services including: pattern making, grading, markers, design development, sample making and sourcing. Categories we service include: men's wear women's wear, bags and soft luggage.

Being designers ourselves we understand the importance of a solid concept as well as paying attention to trends in the market and reference points that are beyond the scope of fashion. Although we like to work across and at times straddle different aesthetic points of view our design strengths lie in creating bags and clothing that combine modern minimal silhouettes and classic... (more)


Sewn Goods can start the development process from your first sample/ prototype, tech pack, photo, or existing reference sample. During development we strengthen and refine the design. Adjusting the patterns and resolving design issues until the desired look, fit and function is achieved.


Sewn Goods can create patterns from scratch or use your blocks, first patterns or reference samples as the foundation for new styles. Our pattern services include first pattern style development, pattern auditing, correction of existing patterns, grading and markers. We have the experience to create the patterns that will convey your design aesthetic, functionality and desired fit. Whether nuanced and subtle, traditional or technical. We can start the pattern development process from a tech pack, sketch, link or pictures with associated tech info. Categories we service include women's wear, menswear bags and soft luggage.


Whether it's a prototype sample to illustrate the first iterations of a design or a showroom sample made to educate buyers and generate orders. Samples are essential tools in the process of creating a successful design and bringing it to market. We offer sample making for product categories ranging from menswear, women's wear, bags and soft luggage.


We have an extensive knowledge of local and national sources for tooling and labor saving devices. We can advise on what tooling is necessary in the production of a design allowing you to consider the options before going into production.


These factories will mass produce your designs.