Wildlife Jewelry in Precious Metals + Sportsman Gifts + Embellisments for Hunting and Sport Shooting

These exquisitely hand carved miniatures in sterling silver and gold are remarkable for their absolute fidelity of detail and perfect proportions and make unique tie tacks or jewelry. The Master Models were designed by wildlife artist Sid Bell and carved in silver and each piece made by the Lost Wax process and created in silver or gold.
In 2008 Jeff Karner from Bucks County Pennsylvania, and a long time customer of Sid Bell's designs , purchased the company from Sid Bell Originals, which included all of the Master Models that Sid Bell had carved or created along with the... (more)


Using our wildlife designs or implementing a ready logo


We sell our wildlife articles for the end user to create their own end product


We can create a sample product with at hand materials


We can make greater quantities with sufficient lead time.