Garment Manufacturing and Design Support

At Silver Lining Productions LLC, we are bringing manufacturing home and are the first garment manufacturing facility in our community. We provide sample making, sewn goods manufacturing, pattern making and sourcing services. We tailor our services to our customer and can help at any stage of development. Let's make something together!


We have an expert pattern maker that can validate your pattern and then grade it. Currently this service is done by hand, but we are researching pattern-making software and just launched a Kickstarter campaign to purchase the software!


We create samples for the purpose of quoting for production runs of various sizes. We time processes, assign machinery and look at the specifics of each clients needs.


Once the sampling process is complete, we can quote on a variety of different quantities for production. Our lead time is 4-6 weeks for Small Batches and 6-8 weeks for Large Batches.