Soft Sided Accessories and Promotional Boxing Made For You

Elegant Packaging can bring an idea to life using any type of soft sided material from nylon to fine leather. We manufacture accessories that range from industrial type cases to high end fashion bags. We have designers who can take your ideas from drawings, a prototype, a previous sample and create what you are looking for. Accessories include tablets, radio cases, phone cases, duffels, totes, cinch bags, wallets, purses, portfolios, etc. We are creative and cost effective.


We have highly talented sample designers who can make beautiful samples from artwork, prototypes or conception.


We can make patterns for tool dies off of approved samples.


We carry many different material and hardware items in stock for the development phase of products.


We have experienced, artistic and creative sample designers who can bring cases to life.


We help you every step of the way from the conception of your case to the finished product. We handle all tooling for the production of your bag.


We have the ability to put out 40,000 a week with production line set ups.