Your Idea. Your Passion. Made in Texas. Apparel Development and Production.

We are located in Austin, Texas.

Send us a message and tell us about your big idea, your passion! Finally prove that concept that's been tickling the back of your mind. Whether you are starting with a sketch, sample, or pattern, we can take you from idea to finished product with as little pain as possible.

Texas is a pretty great place to get stuff made. Pricing in Texas is competitive and we treat you with that famous southern hospitality you've heard about while ensuring timeliness, quality, humane working conditions and living/fair wages. We like to think of it as the Third... (more)


You bring us your idea and we will help you bring it to life through sketches, samples, or whatever you need. We have apparel and technical designers on staff. We will advise you on seam types, finishing techniques, fabric choices, and production efficiency. Need to see your sketch patterned and stitched up into a sample? We got ya covered.


We have pattern makers with thirty years of experience helping designers bring their ideas to life. We can start wherever you need: sketches, blocks, reference samples, or tech packs. We have complete CAD capabilities, meaning that we can provide digital files, pattern plots, and markers. Additionally, we can print oak tag patterns.


We can provide many common wholesale supplies such as size tabs, care labels, elastic, interfacing, buttons, zippers, etc. We feel that fabric selection is an integral part of the design process, so we will provide leads and sources for fabric, but the designer must make the selections and purchases.


No matter which type of sample you're looking for (prototype, muslin, fit, first, sew-by, sales, etc.), we can make it happen. We will also advise you on the ease of construction and ways that the pattern, fabric usage, and final product may be improved relative to your specs and price point.


We get you production-ready in our development shop and then bring you all the way through to your production run. We help you prepare your bill of materials and yields. We create your markers and specs. It's seamless and professional. We work with a range of cut and sew contractors in Dallas, Austin, Los Angeles, New York, and nationally. We know who likes knits, who can handle welt pockets, who will take small batches, who will deliver on time. Finding the right fit can be maddening. We can help.


NEW! We are expanding our production capabilities to take our development clients all the way through production. Who better to produce your garments than the team that developed them? We maintain the same high level of service and support throughout the manufacturing process so that you can achieve the best results on time and on budget.