High End Fashion Development

Task Force LA, LLC is a mother and son fashion development team based in Los Angeles. Our clients are extremely diverse, but the majority of them are emerging designers in need of high quality low volume production.

Task Force LA, LLC is unique because we:

- create hand made patterns and never use digital block templates
- clear pricing system, billed on a per pattern piece basis
- take extreme care ensuring the highest quality of patterns and samples
- are renowned for the amazing fit and construction of our garments that set us apart from other factories
- are fully licensed to manufacture garments... (more)


We work with designers and production managers of all levels of experience. From fully fleshed out tech packs to scribbles on cocktail napkins, we can make your design a reality!


With decades of couture experience, pattern making is perhaps our strongest attribute. All patterns are created by hand using traditional tailoring techniques. Patterns are then digitizes and graded to every desired size. We believe the pattern is the most important part of the development process. It is the foundation of any garment. You wouldn't build your house on a foundation that wasn't perfect and the same goes for your line!


Our samples are constructed with the highest quality and are show-room or photoshoot ready.