Providing the right tools and guidance to develop products and to find your consumer to build your brand!

The product development process is the first official step to starting or growing your brand. Some of our customers do some of these steps on their own or with friends / family members. Some come to us with simply an idea for what they hope their brand to be. Regardless of where you fall in the process we are here to help! The most important thing to decide first is not your brand name, your logo, etc. but instead what your brand will sell. This doesn't mean that you need to come in with all... (more)


Of course! Product Development is our #1, we specialize in that and Brand Development following. We can start with something as simple as a sketch on a napkin or as developed as a finished garment and pattern that just needs a little tweak. We have discovered that one of the main mistakes people make is going straight into production, we like to take a more methodical approach with our customers. We start by looking at the product, is it a sellable product? If not what small changes can we make to bring it into that category, from there we look at competition, target market, fabrication & process to decide the best possible design and plan for our customers, their brand and their products!


Yes, absolutely! We have collectively over 40 years of patterning experience. We do some patterns on paper only, some on paper first to get the lines right and then put them into the gerber system and other go straight into the gerber system.


No we do not. We offer sourcing as part of our packages but ask the customers to purchase the fabric and trims. We like for our customers to have a working relationship with our vendors so that they are always in the know about cost, quantity and know where their supplies come from when they move on to a larger factory.


We absolutely do! The sample process is the third part of the process. The first thing we do is create a technical drawing of the garment, then pattern and then the sample. From there we can make sample sets for photo shoots, kickstarter campaigns or to take to market.


No, we do not. We can help our customers find a factory and even manage that process for them if they would like but we do not do production here in the Nashville office.