From concept to production; working with clients through all phases of the development process to ready apparel and soft goods for market.

At the Draft Shop we believe the way things are made is as important as the things themselves. Beginning with good, thoughtful design, we take the time to create products ready for market. We work with small and medium companies to develop their sewn products to reach their full potential.

In an industry with a history of being hesitant to offer up guidance or solutions. The Draft Shop was created out of a desire to change this dynamic. We're of the opinion that when people with ideas are able to connect with textile mills and distributors, hardware providers, and product manufacturers,... (more)


Available for consultation at all phases of the design process. We can evaluate your product’s design for potential issues such as practicality, performance, or construction costs; advise you on ease of manufacturing, or wearability, as well as, help you plan intelligent solutions for your product to reach it’s intended purpose.


Whether it’s creating digital patterns from scratch based on your sketches or specifications, digitizing existing paper patterns, cutting and preparing factory ready hard patterns, or providing computer-grading services to fit a range of sizes; our skilled pattern makers can supply you with expert production ready patterns.


The Draft Shop can guide you through sourcing of materials and hardware, assisting you in enhancing both vision and integrity through the factory production and finishing process.


Prototypes and factory ready sew-bys created by our knowledgeable stitchers, can help you keep costs to a minimum, identify potential issues during research and development, and provide crucial information on the road to production.


Meticulously prepared production ready markers, spec packages and cutting plans optimize cutting and sewing at the factory. We can assure maximum material yields, and factory accountability.