Knitwear Development.

The Knit Resource Center is a knitwear development company located in the heart of Manhattan's Garment District. We work to provide our customers with knitted swatches or sample garments that our creative and technical staff translates from the ideas of our clients.
With a vast swatch library and yarn inventory, it is easy to create stitches to suit any price point and market.


We take ideas from photographs, runway pieces, drawings, art work, etc. to help our customers develop them into producible knitwear.


We help spec and make patterns for customers to develop their first samples or to be sent with a tech pack to their factories.


We sell custom knitting whether it is a swatch or a first sample on hand-operated knitting machines.


We make swatches to first samples. We do anything from developing the initial knit stitch, to pattern-making, to specs/tech packs, to the assembly of the sample in our sample room.


We help our customers prepare for production by creating their tech packs and providing knitting graphs for the factories although we do not source production.