Development, Sample Patterns, Sourcing, Tech Packs, Digitizing, Grading, Markers, Samples, & Production

Since 2006, we have been passionately involved in the apparel industry. We work with clients from all over the world ranging from established brands to startups.

We can help you with every step of the process including; initial concept, sample patterns, sourcing, first sample, tech packs, production patterns, sample sets, grading, production markers, and small batch to large scale production. We understand how competitive the apparel market is, and we would love to start a conversation with you on how we can help.

For patterns, we ask for 50% down, and 50% at the time of completion. Jobs... (more)


We know what it takes to sell at retail. We can also advise you what is involved with selling wholesale, or going direct to retail.


We have made thousands of patterns for brands from all over the country. They will take your sketch, specs, or even an existing garment that you like and make it your own. Once the patterns are approved, they will work with a pattern grader to establish your grade rule (how your brand grows with each size) and print or email your production markers.


We have a tried and true network of fabric mills and reps that have access to any fabric category you are looking for. If they don't have it, then you probably can't get it.


We share space with The Garment Makers. They have years of experience in various apparel categories.


Our in-house production facility's MOQ (minimum order quantity) is just 50 pieces per style. But they don't stop there. You need 10K of something? give them a shout.