We manufacture high quality wallpaper by using a bulletproof process and a collaborative team environment.

For almost a decade we have been refining our product and production techniques through detailed research and extensive testing. The result? A world-class wall covering that pushes innovation to the limit. But we’re not ones to rest on our laurels. After the initial hugs and high fives, we’re back working harder than ever.

We are a lean and focused company gaining continued business and acknowledgment worldwide. Working directly with a broad range of global clients, from individual designers to large multi-nationals.

We strive to produce the most beautiful... (more)


We manufacture high quality wallpaper by using a bulletproof process and a collaborative team environment. Designing a wallpaper collection may sound a little daunting but it need not be. By collaborating with our experienced design team, who provide much more than just design, we help you to develop fresh, innovative and stylish wall coverings. Creativity is our passion. We love what we do and pride ourselves on our methods and exacting standards. Every client we collaborate with receives our special attention. From how to best set up artwork files ready for print, to changes and suggestions that could improve the final product. We work hard to deliver an honest and reliable approach with client satisfaction, our principal objective.


Redefining an industry must start with just a product sample. If our experience has taught us anything, it is that wallpaper samples are as important in this modern era as they have ever been. Whether you are selling through stockists or solely online, customers love to see and feel the product in their hands. But sending samples worldwide can be an expensive exercise and can take a long to be delivered, if they arrive at all. But we have this sorted. By utilising our two warehouses based in the US and Australia, (UK coming soon) we can ship samples direct to your customer. Not only does this make it a local delivery, reducing cost and time, but opens up markets that may have once been to hard to service.


OUR STRATEGIC ADVANTAGES NO MINIMUM ORDERS Our intelligent production systems allow for any size order. Be it 1 roll or 1000’s. WALLPAPER MADE TO ORDER We embrace a lean manufacturing process. Benefiting our clients (you!), your customers and the environment. LOCALISED SAMPLING With warehouses on two continents, it opens up new markets with cheap sample fulfilment. DROP SHIP FULFILMENT By utilising our drop shipping service, you can spend less time on processing orders and more time on brand growth and strategy. SUPERIOR PRODUCT With the widest digital paper on the market (24″) and printing at 4 rolls per minute. It’s Simple; we are the new industry standard. YOUR STRATEGIC PARTNER We believe in design, strategy and the ability of technology to transform an industry.