Apparel/technical design, sampling, and manufacturing. All under one roof.

**We are a one stop shop from ideation all the way to manufacturing**

The D.N.A. Group is a creative development, manufacturing, and brand management firm created to help designers establish a presence within the industry. Our goal is to provide a platform for designers, either emerging or established, that can have access to services, craftsmen, and other additional talents, which will help them to launch a fully realized collection.

At The D.N.A group, we provide a wide variety of services under one roof. All of our design, patternmaking, cutting, sewing production, textile design, fittings, and more are all completed by our... (more)


There is no perfect formula as we treat each project individually. We will help get your project on track at any stage on the path that is right for you. If you have an idea and need help getting it sketched out, we will help you with our “Soft Technical Package”. If a "Production Ready Tech Pack" is needed, we are happy to help you get that underway. Remember, creating a product takes time and development. Our staff of incredible designers and craftsmen all work together to help you develop areas of opportunity to make your project the best it is able to be. Please visit our website for a complete list and additional information on our ideation services.


Pattern making is a complex craft in itself; one that our Masters level designers work tactfully on to create the best fitting pattern so that the project comes to life. We work initially on paper for client approval on patterns and fits. From there we can transform the paper pattern to a digital one for easy grading and prototyping. Our state of the art software enhances the client experience to help see the full spectrum of what the initial design could be developed into as well as clarify any fit issues that could arise during production. Please visit our website for additional information about our technical services.


Material really helps enhance the DNA of your product. We assist in fabric sourcing and helping to find the type of fabric needed to make the project the best it can be. We provide swatches, color availabilities as well as any other variations that are available. Please visit our website for additional information about our sourcing services.


Sample-making and production samples are at two very different stages in the design process. The sample-making process allows for the opportunity to alleviate any issues that could affect production. Our team of designers and sample makers work diligently to work through any issues that may arise, find a solution and continue with producing a great sample. Our process is to start with initial samples to fit, make any changes, alter accordingly then finalize. From there, we then create a final prototype for approval. Once it has been approved and signed off, we then produce a production sample ready for manufacturing. The sample-making process does take time but is crucial for the success of a well-built product or collection. Please visit our website for additional sample-making services offered.


Tooling can be one of the more amusing portions of the design process and development. Once we’ve gone through the pattern making process, we have the capability to digitize patterns. Using our incredible state of the art software, we create a 3D prototype that also grades product as well as marker make. We can send all the information to factories, domestic or international, that have digital software, with the click of a button. Please visit our website for additional information on tooling services offered.


Our specialty is producing Designer Level garments and have been doing so since 1978. Not only do we specialize in high-design but we are currently the last silk garment manufacturer in San Francisco. That being said, we do work with an incredible network of partners that we trust, in case our manufacturing services are not fit for a particular client's project. These partners' specialties vary by classification as well as product specialty, all happy to help with your production needs. Please visit our website for more information on production services offered.