Supplier of high-quality fabrics

Threadtex, Inc. was founded in 1965. Establishing itself as a supplier of high-quality fabrics from Asia by Bernard Richman, Threadtex was the name to call for natural fibers. Ken and Scott Richman, continue to create products that enhance their reputation for quality, versatility and service. As one of the largest suppliers of natural fiber fabrics, they only dealt with high-count fabrics for men's and women's top weight. As the times changed, they adapted to the market's needs and fed into any demands they saw fit. Understanding the medium price point was lacking quality, Threadtex rose to the... (more)


Pattern makers will make a blueprint of your idea. They make sure your design will be well-constructed.


Material suppliers will provide you with the raw materials and components of your end product.


Sample makers will assemble the first end product prototypes.


These factories will mass produce your designs.