USA manufacturer of accessories

In business for 18 years, as a sewing contractor we specialize in manufacturing accessories... such as wallets, backpacks, handbags, dog leashes, totes etc ... just about anything except for apparel.

We have sewn wallets and bags for Paul Frank Industries... Totes for Hurley.... wallets for PacSun....and many other companies.

We would love to enhance your business and help you bring your ideas to life by providing excellent workmanship... all done here in the USA!


We offer knowledgeable experience in cutting costs while maintaining the beauty of your product.


At times we will provide this service... we have contacts for pattern makers who specialize in this.


We will provide materials if requested by the customer... we offer optional ideas for fabrics... and work well with customers who need guidance in selecting the right type of fabric for their ideas.


Yes, we create samples only for production orders placed with us.


Yes, we can provide tooling... at times.. tooling is required to provide exact cuts or designs.


We can absolutely provdie mass products.... we have sources to enhance our work force if needed.