A USA manufacturer producing high quality leather goods for all clients small to large.

We are here to help companies and individuals with either the entire production process or individual steps. With our knowledge, machinery, and huge inventories we get jobs started quick . With our workshop located in Massachusetts, all goods we produce come with a Made In USA seal of approval.


With our vast knowledge of materials we are able to help refine any of your product ideas. We are also here to help explain what does and does not work in the construction of your products.


After we have received a general overview of your product details we will make patterns for your approval. Once they have been approved we will discuss the various options for production considering time and cost.


We hold a very large inventory of both leather, zippers, brass/stainless steel hardware. With our huge inventories, it jumpstarts the production process as there is usually no waiting periods for buying the needed materials. We also make the process simple by offering clients a guide of our in stock materials.


Once an individual or company has given us ample design and pattern specifications our goal is to get the sample completed and shipped as soon as possible. The sooner samples get approved, the sooner we are able to begin the production process.


We provide assistance with hardware manufacturing, clicker dies, pressure stamps, heat/foil stamps.


Yes, once we have discussed your needs we will give you production completion estimate based on your quantity. We will also ship partial quantities as they are completed if necessary. We are also willing to help in various steps of the production process. For example strap cutting, zipper finishing, foil stamping... etc.